* * * * * * RANGE CLOSED * * * * * *

Our Decision…

We want everyone to know, we wanted to keep open. In the end (last night), we came to a realisation, it just wasn’t a fair thing to do… to you or our range officers & volunteers.

So as of 18th March, we are closing until further notice.

We will continue to review this over the coming days. 


Stay safe! Stay healthy and hope to see you all soon.


Air Rifles
Small Bore
Full Bore
22lr Prone Rifle
Long Barrel Pistol
Black Powder

Doesn't matter if you have been shooting for years or completely new to the sport, we welcome people of all abilities and skill levels to help them enjoy the shooting disciplines.

The Club was formed in 1900 as The Portsmouth & District Rifle Club and it was reformed in 1945 as the South Hants Rifle & Pistol Club. The Club is based in Portsmouth where it has its own indoor ranges at Hilsea and it currently uses the MoD Range at Tipner for larger calibre rifle shooting.  With the welcome recent influx of membership merging in from the former Portsmouth City Rifle Club the club is now actively competing in official competitions again. 


South Hants Rifle & Pistol Club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and to the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA).


The Club has the facilities for a wide range of target shooting activities including small-bore rifle, pistol calibre (gallery) rifles, muzzle loading pistols, and air rifle and pistol on its indoor ranges. Centre fire rifle (7.62,303,etc), muzzle loading and vintage cartridge firearmson the Tipner Range as well as long range shooting beyond half a mile at Bisley.