Full Bore Short to Medium Range (100-600yds)


After joining up at South Hants Rifle & Pistol Club you will have access to shoot at the two full bore ranges that we currently use and at various distances depending on date of fixture. The ranges that we currently shoot at are the M.O.D range at Tipner, just off the western side of the M275, and the NRA ranges at Bisley.  Even if you are a probationary member you are welcome and encouraged to come down to one or both of these ranges when we are scheduled to shoot to give it a go and see if you enjoy this aspect of shooting.

At Tipner we shoot at distances at 100 yards, and at Bisley we shoot on the Century range between 900-1000 yards. Typical calibres you will see there include the NATO standard 7.62x51mm & 5.56x45mm (.308win & .223rem are the civilian equivalent of these), plus others such as the classic .303 british, 7.62x54r and 30-06 springfield.  Shooting at Tipner is a great way to see if you enjoy this type of shooting before going and investing in your own equipment, as we have club rifles for you to try free of charge at this venue in the calibres of .223rem and .303brit, but you will also find other great things down here too like historical, muzzle loading and black powder rifles!

How much does it cost to try out shooting full bore 100-600yds?


  • Range Fees- £5-£10

  • .223rem ammunition -£20 per 50 rounds

  • .303brit ammunition - £16 per 20 rounds

  • Rifle Hire - Free

So how much would it cost to buy my own rifle set up to eventually shoot 100-600 yards?

To get you shooting out to these distances you don't have to go crazy on the budget and you'll have a huge range of firearms to select from, with prices starting from around £200 for a second hand rifle or £400 for a new rifle in .223rem or .308win. If you are looking to get a scope to put on the rifle then prices for a reasonable quality scope start from around £100-£150 for a new basic entry level scope, such as a Nikko, Stirling, or Hawke.  If you like the more historical style of rifle then you can pick up a reasonably good quality WW2 Enfield .303 for about £400-£500, or a similarly aged Mosin-Nagant in 7.62x54r for about £250-£350.


Obviously you can pay more, and your choice of rifle and how its setup can be quite personal, so it's always good to ask other people in this and other clubs to find out more about the sort of rifles that people have. You will find most rifle clubs are friendly, and a lot of the time someone will usually let you have a round or two under their supervision if you start talking to them about the rifles they have, which is a fantastic way to gain experience on different types of firearms.

Long Range 1000yds +

If you like the idea of the full bore, but want to take things out further,  we also cover long range shooting at South Hants Rifle & Pistol Club. We hold an event every three months to test our long range rifles and skills on Bisley's famous Stickledown range, where we will shoot at 1000 yards or more... that's beyond the half mile point.  To shoot out to this distance you need to have a special set up on your rifle to handle the extreme amount of elevation and you'll need an extended knowledge of how the bullet is affected after it leaves your rifle.  To give you some idea on the numbers involved at this range, your barrel might be pointing 10 meters above the target to get your bullet to drop in the centre and you might be aiming 4 or 5 meters off the target to compensate for the wind! It can sound quite daunting, but at South Hants Rifle & Pistol Club we can give you great support and training if you wish to learn how to shoot at long range so you can get involved in some really fun shooting. We encourage our new probationary members to have a go while under supervision of one of our full club members, who will have the experience to guide and teach you on the day.

Typically at Bisley's Stickledown range we shoot calibres such as the 7.62x51mm (.308win) which is the most popular by far at the moment, although 6.5 creedmoore or similar is becoming more mainstream now. It has been proven that even a .223rem can accurately shoot the distance out to 1100 yards with the club (yes, I am proud that it was mine) but you do need a specialist set up and skills or supervision by someone competent to handle the distance with all calibres.

How much does it cost to try out shooting long range rifle past half mile?

  • Range Fees - £10

  • Zeroing range at Bisley (own rifle only) - £4

  • .308win / 7.62x51mm ammunition - £10 to £18 per 20 rounds

  • Rifle Hire - Free