Application Process - Due to popular demandUnless you hold a current FAC, South Hants rifle & Pistol Club are not accepting any new membership applications until 1st April. 
Apologies for any inconvenience

Applicants are not allowed to handle firearms until the application process has been completed, so they should not attend Hilsea nor Tipner until advised to do so by the Club. Applicants to join South Hants R&PC should send details of;

  • Name

  • Home address

to the following e-mail address:- 


The club Secretary will then send an application form for completion and return, please ensure you enclose current photographs as requested on the application form.

Please be aware that we have to send off to the police for a background check and the committee has to discuss each application.  Currently this application process may take 3 to 6 months.


After the successful completion by the Club of the application procedures, the applicant will be given provisional membership and will be invited to attend the club where he/she will be instructed in the safe use of firearms. At this stage the applicant still may not apply and won't be eligible for a Firearm Certificate (FAC) on the basis of probationary membership of South Hants.


Once the  probationary firearms instruction training is complete the applicant may use club firearms and will be expected to attend and shoot regularly with a minimum shooting attendance of 13 appearances. After a satisfactory attendance and safety record over approximately 6 months the applicant will, subject to the approval of the committee, be offered full membership of the club.


On achieving full membership he/she will then be entitled to apply to their local police for a FAC which allows an individual to own/possess firearms.

Details of South Hants rifle & Pistol Clubs privacy policy can be found on the Contact and Administration page.

What are the costs to get into shooting?

The costs of getting into shooting are quite inexpensive, probationary membership will cost you £30 and that cost includes your ammunition and targets for the induction session plus your 6 month probationary membership which gives you access to every club shooting session.  Once you have done your induction your range fee at Hilsea will cost £3 each time you attend and ammunition is about £3 for 50 rounds of 22lr and around £16-18 for 50 rounds of .38sp.

If you want to shoot full bore (military style rounds such as 7.62mm, 5.56mm and .303 etc) then range fee is £5 per shoot at MoD Tipner and £10 per session at NRA Bisley, the ammo is a bit more expensive depending on what you shoot but we shoot on ranges from 100yds-300yds at MOD tipner and 500-1200yds (typically 500-1000 though) at NRA Bisley in Surrey.  A rough guide to ammo cost is about £20-£25 per 50 rounds of 5.56mm and something like 7.62mm or .303 costs about £16-£20 for 20 rounds.  However a lot of shooters will reload their own ammunition when they obtain their own FAC to reduce costs of shooting full bore rifles and this can save around 50% or more depending on what components you use.  We must stress that it is best you learn from someone who is competent at relaoding ammunition before you attempt doing so yourself for your own safety and those around you.


Club membership currently stands at £66 per year and will be calculated in the amount to time remaining till next renewal if offered by approval of the committee, so 6 months left will be £33 for example.

We have plenty of club rifles to use these include 22lr, .38sp, and fullbore rifles, and any of our in house rifles are free to use for our members, probation or full.  If you decide to eventually apply for your own firearms certificate then rifles come in all shapes and sized and the club members that you get to meet can help you with your application.  The price range of rifles are enormous, you can pick up 22lr for £100 or less for a second hand rifle and a top quality specialised rifle set up can cost several thousand pounds.  No matter your budget, there are bargains to be had.