Hilsea Range Opening Information

Only firearms that are within the limits specified on the Range Safety Certificates (as displayed on range doors) may be used and "black powder" may not be used in muzzle loading firearms. Air Weapons, Turning Target, and Muzzle Loading are shot in the East Range. Target, and Prone Rifle use the West Range.

Tipner Dates & Distances

The dates for Tipner and Bisley are proposed dates of booking and are subject to change and or cancellation, please check any shoot is still on before attending.  Distances are suggested only and up to the discretion of the RCO's and other range officials.


Due to the Range Danger Area (RDA) now being increased in size, the amount of stoppages due to boats has increased.  The Committee at South Hants Rifle and Pistol Club have decided so that you can have as much shooting on Tipner occasions as possible, the Club will carry out a trial and match our bookings at Tipner with low tides.



0800-0930 - Booking in.  Please park in the car park on the right as you enter the range facility, then check in at the office on the left of the gates, or on the range with the RCO if no one is in the office.


1100 - Ceasefire. All shooting will be concluded by 1100 or earlier if there is no further demand for shooters to carry on shooting, or if it appears that heavy boat traffic will prevent further use of the range.


The Committee has decided to stop using the 50 yard range to reduce the costs to the Club and remove the need for members to carry out lookout duties on that range. The firearms previously used at 50 yards (.22 rimfire, gallery rifle etc) are quite suitable for the longer range.  


These dates are subject to change at short notice if Tipner is required by the MoD but whenever possible such changes will be shown on this website.

All unsupervised shooters must have a Shooter Certification Card, and this card must be carried at all times when members are shooting on MoD ranges and at Bisley, shooters may request to be assessed to gain one of these cards, all information can be found on the educational section on this website.  Cards are only issued on full club membership and when the signatory of you card has assessed the club member and deemed the shooter competent for the ranges and disciplines you shoot. If you do not have one of these cards then you may still shoot at Tipner and Bisley but you will be supervised by someone who holds the relevant card.

If an RCO or RA cannot attend a shoot, please try and find cover with a qualified substitute.

Bisley Dates & Distances